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On October 11th, 2020, our lives were profoundly impacted by the tragic loss of our beloved designer and co-owner, Joshua Ortiz. Joshua was a kind, welcoming, charismatic, and loving soul. By nature, Josh gave out of everything he had and strived to fulfill every need that was ever placed before him. He had an eye for filling in empty spaces and regularly used that gift to establish new atmospheres of love, hope, and abundance.

Though we were deeply saddened by the loss of Joshua, we emphasize that the impact of his life has far exceeded every place of pain throughout this hard season. His love has long been the driving force of our company, and in an effort to keep Josh's legacy alive and active, we launched the first annual Joshua Ortiz "giving back" Memorial Fund Benefit on October 21st, 2021. 


Driven by a mission to live like Joshua, and intercede on behalf of those within our community who lack essential resources, opportunity, care, and nurturing, this organization was founded to continue the legacy of kindness, empathy, and service that was pioneered by our beloved, late designer, Joshua Ortiz. 


Joshua had a passion for advocating for those who are typically marginalized within our community. His heart went out specifically to single mothers, children in need, the hungry, and our troubled youth. As a foundation, we carry a deep conviction to give back to movements that support such causes, in Joshua's honor, for many years to come. The Joshua Ortiz Foundation gives regularly to various philanthropies working within the Brazos Valley Region including The Brazos Church Pantry, Scotty’s House, Voices for Children, Twin City Missions (Phoebe's Home), The Aggieland Human Society, The Trevor Project, and many others. Ambrose Furniture Works is proud to say that through the love and support of our community, we have been able to give over $300,000 to these fine organizations as of December 2023. 


To many of you, and most certainly to us, Joshua Ortiz was a source of inspiration and an endless supply of love. His joyful countenance was one that anyone would have been lucky to experience, and the artistic capabilities he possessed transcended the boundaries of his craft.


Josh was a loyal and fiercely protective friend, an incredibly talented designer, and a strong leader who helped grow Ambrose Furniture Works into the beautiful trade showroom and design center it is today. Joshua was and will continue to be, the heart and vision of our business for as long as we are operating, and we count ourselves as privileged to press forward in remembrance of the beautiful lifestyle and legacy he modeled for us. 


Everyone who has taken a glimpse at what we do here at Ambrose has indirectly encountered a fragment of the magic that Joshua produced. While we still grieve our sweet friend and work through the pain that accompanies this profound loss, we find joy in the fact that the memories of Joshua and his kindness will not be bound to the span of his lifetime. Thank you for supporting and loving us through the good times and the bad, and thank you for partnering with us so that we can continue to partner with others. 


We love you...Josh loved you!   

Joshua Lee Ortiz 


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