Who is ambrose?

We are a group of highly-motivated designers and support staff that care about giving you the best customer experience.

Design Team

Ray Jezisek

Owner + lead designer + ASID ip

known for: Being driven, dedicated and an exceptional eye for selecting colors and textiles.

Inspiration: "Growing up on a farm in Central Texas I realized that I could find inspiration in almost anything. From the heaps of scrap metal in the yard, to the endless rows of drying hay on the ground or the mound of tools piled high in my dad's truck, I could always imagine some form of artistic design within. I still prefer to use re-purposed wood pieces in my design projects whenever possible. I like the juxtaposition of the old with the new and the element of iron against fabrics and wood. I find harmony and cohesion by blending many diverse things together."

Why Ambrose: "I get to express my client's personalities and their style in the place they call home and live in everyday. I am not bashful with color and I encourage my clients to go bolder on wall color or textile patterns than they ever would have."

Joshua Ortiz

CO-Owner + manager + lead designer

known for: Being the team leader, as well as providing inspiration not only in design, but also in everyday life. He excels in all that he sets out to achieve and challenges others around him to rise to their full potential. Joshua always provides the highest level of service and design to his clients while bringing life into their space.

Inspiration: "I'm always daring my clients to be bolder, to have fun with their spaces and to be open to peculiar ideas. Color, nature and abstract elements always inspire me to create curated rooms that have texture and balance, but how a client wants to feel when the come home serves as my greatest inspiration for their home."

Why Ambrose: "Ambrose has allowed me to take risks with design and furniture, allowed our clients to absorb themselves in variety and idiosyncratic ideas and selection, and has given us opportunities to work five times harder behind the scenes as what our clients already see ."

Warehouse Team

Ronnie ochoa

warehouse manager + sales

known for: Being hard-working and a to-the-point communicator. With years of experience in catering and customer service, Ronnie knows countless people throughout the community and can greet them all by name! Ronnie has been involved in Brazos Valley Chorale, Brazos Valley TROUPE, and has also been a part of Brazos Raqs Ensemble, our local belly dancing group, for over eight years. He will always provide an honest opinion and valuable input.

why ambrose: "Working for Ambrose has given me a chance to use my leadership skills and grow as a leader and a person. Having nurturing and caring employers has helped me learn the ins and outs of basic design." 

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